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    Voice Acting for Jorm, please.

    I feel once again the need to comment on the voice acting for Jorm. Whoever thought it was a good idea to make female Jormungandr sound manly and male Jormungandr sound like a dying cat deserves a pay deduction,

    Please, whoever is reading this at Ubi, it would be highly resourceful to allow players to choose the character voices out of a list, same as with emotes. Better than throwing all those recording hours spent down trash back in 2018 (some of them were actually good, and I'd personally choose any voice pack over the current Jormungandr one)
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    I hate Jormungander's voice because I find it really annoying, but mostly because I find Jormungander very annoying.
    But I don't think a voice list for every character is a good idea, after all, this is not a RPG game and sometimes you know what is close to you by listening to the screams of the characters.
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    Female Jormungandr has a good voice actress, you can feel the grudge in all of them.

    The male is irritating, especially that gorilla emote spam, but he is insane and very angry, the voice really translates to that.

    If you want truly irritating voice lines and grunts, there is tiandi and shaman for that. This is of course no objective, some people might like shaman voice lines. I however doubt the same about tiandi, especially if you google their meaning and try to imagine it on others ("Ego Warden sum." Epic, isn't it?).
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    I find it funny that you're calling the female Jormundgandr bad because it doesn't sound "girly." If you know her back story her voice fits perfectly. She's a powerful warrior but a cruel one. You can 100% feel that in the tone she takes on a lot of her moves.
    The male's backround is that of someone who is very fanatical. So his voice being very crazed and higher pitched also perfectly fits.

    If you want to state that you dislike the voice work that's one thing. But it's not objectively poor just because it's not your taste.
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    Jorm's voice over is one of the finest .
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