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    Thank you Siege

    Today is my birthday, but I am an exchange student abroad so I am far away from my home and my friend, but fortunately, I still got my favorite community with me. This Rainbow Six Siege community helped me through the toughest time in my life. So I really want to give a thank you to Ubisoft and all of the people in this community. I really hope that Rainbow Six Siege could achieve its aim of 100 operators and I really hope everyone enjoys this community. By the way, I am really curious whether it is possible to buy Buck's pro league skin and Ela's pro league skin because I love them so much.
    Once again, thank you Ubisoft and all of the content community!
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    Thank you so much for sharing this with us Snowy! <3
    Those skins are currently not available to be purchased at this time, and I am not sure if they are planned to return. But thanks for the idea!
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    Ubisoft...all I can say to you regarding previous content is...."FLASH SALE". Get it? Rotate the old items you have in your inventory, and put them in the shop for limited amounts of time. You already have the content created, so there's almost nothing in terms of costs, other than one little fella to push buttons to shove the stuff into the database for the Shop. You have everything to gain, and literally nothing to lose. New and old players alike will take advantage of such a thing, and you'll generate more income. It's low-hanging fruit people. Pick it. Nom nom it. Everybody wins.

    If you need my experience any further as a Business Analyst, I'll be on regularly from time to time. Have a wonderful day!
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