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    The Settlers 2 multiplayer questions

    Hi, thank you very much about the new release, I went through a time machine 20 years and I loved it!
    If I may, I would like to ask two questions:
    1. is it possible to play 2 players on the same machine with two screens? that way it will be more challenging since you can't see what the other player is doing.
    2. will it be possible in the future to do an online multiplayer?

    thank you again for the new edition, it is so much better than the 10th anniversary edition

    best regards,
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    Hey davidpodless,

    great to hear you're enjoying this trip back in history

    You can try having the "bar" in the middle of both screens and therefore separate the game on two screens for splitscreen mulitplayer. This may require some effort on your side, though, to make it look good since the game itself does not automatically split the game on two screens.

    We are, however, not planning to add online multiplayer to The Settlers 2 - sorry :/
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    I know this thread is almost 2 years old but is it possible to consider basic multiplayer in the Settlers 2 History edition?
    I'm not looking to have dedicated servers, just hosting on my machine so I can co-op with a friend
    Right now it's frustrating cause we need the official version for single player campaign and there's Return to the roots mod for a way to go online
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