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    Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow

    Hi Ubisoft team and staff.... just wanted to ask CAN WE PLEASE GET A SC PANDORA TOMORROW REMASTERED VERSION FOR THE PS4 or PS5?!
    It was literally the best game I ever played till this day. The story line the missions the stealth tactics everything was on point and ahead of it’s time. A big large community on Facebook , instagram , Twitter all have made pages to make some noise about wanting a new remastered version of this game with maybe a few new missions added to this one. Or with two storylines... one with the old and one a whole new storyline! That would be amazing. Please try to make it happen Ubisoft!!!
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    No remastered! That would be the easy way too obtain quick gratification. I'd rather have that same mind set in terms of design, with new engines and a new but simple story to follow. Stealth with minimal everything, first sc Sam only had like 5 tricks. He could creep around, jump, and had this tiny pea shooter pistol that got you killed a lot (small calibur = less noise) while enemies had rifles. . And Ned Flanders from rainbow six could be the new Sam Fisher.
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