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    Players Ranking Difficulty Ratings for shared tracks

    When building and testing a track the author gets use to every aspect of the track making it difficult at times to really be accurate in setting the Difficulty Level before uploading it.
    OLD_RockMan mentioned this in another topic and suggested sharing tracks with groups before uploading to Track Central to get a better idea of actual Difficulty levels.

    Would there be any downside to implementing a system on Track Central where after playing a track, maybe at the upvote/downvote screen, players could rate what they feel the difficulty level should be, and after so many votes the level could be adjusted based on averages? This would give players a more realistic expectation than one persons opinion.
    Also, it might be nice to see average run times as well as the set Gold time before playing a track.
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    I think having others be able to test our tracks before release is going to help a lot on setting times and judging difficulty, as long as builders use this option.
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    Good point.
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    well, for testing tracks at least, doesnt show times in private for whatever reason. Oh well, i'm happy with at least being able to test.
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