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    Originally Posted by negodyaeff Go to original post
    Yeah, but it's still better than shutdown
    Sure. Thankfully, they probably won't shut it down (in the near future, at least). I guess the game may have entered the "long tail" phase: unless the server costs surpass the revenue provided by ads and microtransactions, they can leave it running forever, or at least until its next installment (if they plan to make one). After all, even without new tracks, outfits, and events, the game is still way fun, especially considering that it's free. There will always be new players coming in.
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    And as new players come in you’ll get more opponents
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    After years of working great, I am now victim to this bug after just one run... le sigh

    On Android
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    Same for me, I thought that this was mainly an IOS issue going by previous posts but I am on android and it seems to have caught up with me. Unfortunately I know that there is no point moaning about it since nothing will be don't to fix it
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    Same here, not working after first free 3 races! But i think this time they will fix this because as i see it's a general problem for most everyone in Android, Analizing my friends mc leaderboard (the only i can see), all of them have lot's of faults, so nobody could improve like me. We'll see...
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    Same problem here (Android). Never happened to me before. It's now almost a day since the event started and still isn't working. (sigh)
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    Midnight circuit not playable here. Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro
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    Same as others. Android. One run then nothing.
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    This thread is from February. But same problem. 1 run and no new times on leaderboard. Android.
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    Same issue

    Originally Posted by Mavark Go to original post
    This thread is from February. But same problem. 1 run and no new times on leaderboard. Android.
    Android Samsung S8+
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