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    Happening on the Android side as well. Looks like app is just broken overall.
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    jesus, when are they going to respond to this or fix it. it's been going for 2 weeks with me, very stupid bug.
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    Logged a few cases on this, first one went no where, the second one they keep coming back to me every week or so to say they are working on it and to check the forums for ideas. Read all the ideas here and tried them again not expecting much to change, its till broken, at least the rest of the game still works. I have been playing it on and off for more than 5 years now maybe longer so will just hurry up and wait some more.

    Perhaps Trials Frontier is not longer a money maker for Ubisoft or RedLynx so they in this time are putting their effort into other things.
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    Also still stuck at Flora Crossing. Hope to receive an answer from CS shortly.
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    This has been going on for months with me...Flora crossing is currently on from what my notifications says but I can't access it. And I didn't get the last track from Couch potato season I don't believe. Anyone know where it is or what it's called?
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    Weeks of troubles

    I have been waiting for them to fix my account. I am stuck on Surprise, Surprise. I reported it around a month ago and finally received message that they would take it to engineering to get bug fixed. 10 days later I got message that being I had not been in contact with them, they had closed my complaint because of no response from me so assumed my complaint was fixed. I quickly responded and was told they were going to send it up the chain to find a fix.
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    Forget about it, game is abandoned since January
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    Not working

    Originally Posted by LightningRurik Go to original post
    Happening on the Android side as well. Looks like app is just broken overall.
    Mines not working I've even tried uninstalling and re stalling nothing
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    Android version is also broken still. No forum updates since december 2019. It seems like they abandoned the game. I will try to contact their Twitter.
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    tz440c - Thanks for taking the time to file a formal report with the mobile games team, and I sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused. Would you mind sharing your case reference, so I can check in with the team if needed? As soon as further information is available, we'll advise you and other affected players via these forums and our social media channels as appropriate.

    noa-noa17 - I'm sorry to hear of your issues at Flora Crossing. It's great to hear that you're already in touch with the dedicated team. If you'd be happy to leave your case reference number here in the thread, I'll be able to check in and see if there's any further information available.

    link42586 - You would be best contacting the dedicated support team for the game for more assistance with your missing reward and issues with accessing Flora Crossing. You can reach out to them by creating a support case here.

    TKDforever - If you raised a case on our website, please be advised that these close after four days of inactivity from yourself; this does not mean that we cease our investigations of your reported issues. If for peace of mind you'd like to reopen the case, you can reply with a new message anytime. If you'd like to provide your case reference number here, I can check in to see if there are any updates.

    ben-junior2015 - Can you please tell me which device you are using, and if both the game and the device are fully updated? Approximately how long have you been experiencing these issues?

    PappaBearNL - Were you able to contact the dedicated support team? If so, can you provide your case reference number here, and also explain in a little more detail the issues you're encountering?
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