We’ve got another edition of This Week in The Division 2 for all your TD2 news and update info.

Here we’ll be giving a quick rundown of Wednesday's State of the Game, centered around how the familiar factions of NYC have changed since The Division. You can watch the full State of the Game livestream here.


We performed a maintenance earlier today to address a bug with the cover mechanic.

Episode 3 content is now live and open for all players! Go try it out now if you haven’t already.

Don’t forget to follow us on @UbisoftSupport and @TheDivisionGame for maintenance updates. You can find all patch notes and server status updates on our official forums.

Priority Alerts

We’re seeing reports of weird walls that are different than the invisible walls addressed with Title Update 7. After looking into these, we should have a solution ready and rolled out with TU8.

We’re aware of some of the complications around Twitch Drops. In order to keep up the celebration of the Warlords announcement, we’ll be automatically giving all players who log in before March 3rd the Mask and Skin from the drops.

As a reminder, be sure to link your accounts here for future Twitch Drop opportunities.

We’re working on a pre-order/pre-purchase option for PS4 players and will keep you updated on that point. But for now, there is no option to pre-purchase on the Playstation Store. However, you will still be able to receive the pre-purchase bonuses until April 3rd after Warlords of New York releases on March 3rd.

Our #FindTommy Community Challenge was finished in literally less than a day! Great work to all our super sleuth Agents out there who combed the streets of D.C.. As a reward, we’ll be giving out a weapon skin and several Apparel Cache Keys to all players! Well done.

We’ve been keeping track of various cases of the Friend Referrals rewards not unlocking for some players. As a reminder, make sure you properly go through the process, following email instructions and playing with your recruit. If you’re still not seeing the rewards after 24 hours, please contact Ubisoft Support for additional assistance.

For more info and a full FAQ on the Referral Program, click here

We know the Stinger Hunter outfit is highly popular and that you’ve been wanting a shadier Hunter outfit… So, we want to let you know that the ‘Covert Hunter’ outfit will be available in store and through Apparel Caches with the launch of Warlords of New York and TU8.

Developer Interview

Warlords of New York brings us to Lower Manhattan where a lot has changed since the events of The Division. Cleaners and Rikers have moved in and evolved to the changing time.

Though they may look familiar, these returning factions are more threatening, more tactical, and better equipped than you’ve ever seen them before.

The Rikers have evolved and expanded their ranks outside of former inmates, all while having become a more cohesive unit and now behave more like a small army than a conglomerate of criminals.

The Black Tusk has expanded their arsenal after experimenting with some new tech… so be careful. Amongst other types, the Black Tusk now has Mini-Tanks, Minigun Warhounds, and more in their new and improved bag of tricks. The remnants of the once powerful Last Man Battalion mercenary group is now under Black Tusk Command.

The returning factions will still have a lot of the same aesthetics that you know and love, but they’ll have significant improvements to their AI, behavior, and tactics that will add a new level of depth to their encounters.

  • New patterns like changes to armor, battlefield movement, and level of awareness since The Division.
  • New archetypes like the Engineer, Thrower, Leader, the affectionately named ‘Napalm’, and more…

New York factions will encourage different gameplay styles and usage of different skills, as each comes with their own strengths and weaknesses.

  • Cleaners have more armor, and corresponding weak-points, and area/cover denial explosives.
  • Meanwhile the Rikers are more focused on teamwork, maneuverability, and battlefield control.

Warlords of New York will also introduce the Peacekeepers, a faction of survivors in Lower Manhattan. Don’t make the mistake of thinking they’re just a name-changed JTF though.

Peacekeepers are self-sustaining, battle ready, and not big fans of the Division or its Agents.

Lastly, the new Legendary difficulty will introduce a new elite sub-unit of the Black Tusk enemies that will put your skills to the test with tweaks to make them more dangerous and challenging within the highest difficulty content.

The Legendary difficulty will only be available to Level 40 Agents.

Community Questions

How will Dark Zone PvP be split up?

  • We will have two brackets, one at Level 30 and one for Level 40.

Can Level 30 and Level 40 players Raid together?

  • Level 40 players will be able to join the base game Raid with Level 30 players, but the new Raid difficulty will be a part of the Warlords of New York expansion, so Level 30 players will not be able to join that Level 40 game.

When playing with those of different levels or different expansion ownerships, what gear will you get?

  • No matter where or what you are playing or who you are playing with, you will get gear that is significant to you and relevant to your level.

Are SHD Levels account-wide?

  • Yes. Though they will only apply to and be progressed by Agents at Level 40.

State of the Game 149

On next week’s State of the Game we’ll be talking more about the Warlords of New York Seasons and Seasonal content. You can read up on a brief overview of Seasons here but we’ll go into more depth next week!

We’re so excited for Warlords of New York to come out in just two short weeks and can’t wait to hear what you all think. For now, enjoy Episode 3, get yourself caught up, and get ready for Warlords!

Oh, and one last thing… more Hunters are coming… to NYC and Washington D.C.. Stay on alert, Agents.