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    Stuck At Screen

    Got some problem on the app l, that when I try open the app the logo of "ubisoft" Is showed after that some small text show out is "Loading... "
    And it goes blank u can't do anything

    I'm use Android
    Xiome Redmi Note 7
    9 (Pie)

    I just downloaded the app yesterday at 20-2/2020

    When I try on other phone like
    Oppo A39 and Xiome Redmi A5
    I can play but on Redmi note 7 I can't
    Can anyone can give a tips how to fix this problem?
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    I have the same problem, im using pocophone f1 on miui 11 it start with portrait mode and load on landscape mode showing "loading" message and then just turn black.
    i tried on other pocophone f1 using miui 10, and redmi note 8 it doesn't have problem and play normally.

    please help
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    Got the same problem with a Xiaomi Mi 9T with MIUI 11/Android 10.

    I tried on an old Moto G5S with Android 10 (rooted) from a friend and it worked fine.
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    To solve this error, I recommend that if you have the DPI (or dp) in the developer mode of your phones above 600, lower that number, since the application detects that it is "a tablet" since the tablets have that number DPI so the app is in room mode
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    Hey everyone,

    I'd recommend checking that the devices you are trying to use are compatible with the game, first and foremost. Most mentioned in this thread look to meet the specifications, however, please be aware that not all devices may be compatible even if their OS version(s) are.

    If you choose to follow the troubleshooting recommendation of mijucama, can you please advise if this resolves the issues for you on the devices that could not previously be used to play? (Thanks for sharing, mijucama!)

    Should you require further assistance, it would be best to consult our dedicated Mobile Games team via a support case on our website. They'll be able to investigate the compatibility of your specific devices, and provide additional troubleshooting if it is needed.
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