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    Hi All;

    <span class="ev_code_RED">78th*Sentai Virtual Squadron's State at 1 year;</span>

    Roughly a little over a year ago upon the release of Pacific Fighters the 78th*Sentai was reformed (and I understand existed in CFS mode) by the Gentleman who flies as Kyo*78th*Sentai.......Formed as a Pacific Axis option for the squadron he already belonged to, I "Ktu*78th*Sentai" was asked to join and due to my desire to help an online friend and interest in Japanese planes in IL2/AEP/PF agreed.

    In short order my roots in RB3d and having been used to flying the skins of the Lafayette Escadrille, I set out to develop skins for the 78th, yet hit the most simple of snags......Where was the fuel cap on a Ki-61 to make a stain from a leak?.....That progressed into learning about Ki-61's, then 43's and evolved into learning of many of the various Japanese Army Aircraft, their flying corps, and activities in New Guinea including their enemy the 5th Air Force under Kenny.......All to make a single skin, and due to the sharing of some of that information, was asked to develop the material for a website while my education continued.

    Yet to date there is no website....A test home page was developed as well as some sub pages (all up on the net) yet were never publicized being rough drafts. However the information has been gathered and continues to grow as do significant contacts in the Japanese Military Historical Community.......Many who's names you see in virtually every book on the subject you can purchase.

    What is in hand however are a significant number of "factual" (hard to find on the 78th) documents and information for the website including some 1,000 odd photo's and maps to finish a number of 1/2 written WebPages. This is my goal the first quarter of 2006, to correct and finish these pages for publication, so a home website with its own unique graphics and such can be made public finally so all members will have a home, and all interested can learn of both the virtual regiment, and actual.

    Initially as said above the 78th was inspired to make an option available in name to members of an existing axis squadron. Yet the interest from the existing squadron all except the 78th's founding member in actuality have little interest I believe, though support its formation with best wishes.

    Of the original 9 members, only 3 initially were active, 2 in reality, and then only as novelty names to be used in Pacific based coops. Wishing to do more with the regiment soon I was approached by the Wing Walkers Squadron to participate in a new series of one night battles. Their request being I try and fill the 78th's ranks more, and enlist the help of other dedicated Japanese virtual squadrons.....

    The first attempt, "The Fall of Singapore" was a disaster at best.......Yet, a great success in that attempting to recruit for the 78th a personal policy on recruiting was developed to insure honorable, team players in the 78th's roster only so as to try and match the WW's high standards due to my respect for them. From that initial recruiting drive, 2 new names were added to the 78th Flag, Tka & Omi which both remain active today meeting and exceeding the standards I had set.

    Though shocking after our ultimate turnout the WW's would ask us back, they did never the less for their AVG-China Battle. Recruitment on once more for temporary help, from that battle the names of Dja & Zku were added to the flag, equal in effort, honor and interest of the two before.

    To date however we were asked back a third time for the "Battle of Santa Cruz".......and though that event was reminiscent of the first, it added the names of Tko, Gke, & Hdo to the flag as of this date yet to be formally announced.

    What the result of these WW Battles has been is the actual beginning growth of a serious virtual squadron or in Japanese terms, Hikousentai or Flying Regiment. On the "active roster" we now have 9 hikouka (pilots) actually filling an entire Chutai.......Yet it is MUCH more then that. We have members who besides having virtual flying skills in fighters, also are all skilled in high altitude bombers, dive bombers, escort, recon...More so then that, communicating, and strategically planning out a battle. Well rounded, well versed, yet mostly, good sportsman who appreciate flying by the rules, honorably, and graciously.

    Every one of these members (except probably yours truly), are respected members of the IL2 community, well balanced in IL2 play, attitude and maturity, yet also team players. Frankly, with the existing group we have the standard has been set, and all future recruiting will be based on the fine men that have allowed their 78th names to be added to the flag.

    Though it would be awesome to suddenly grow to 27 players making a full Hikousentai, have the website done, and begin taking a leadership role in the IL2 community, I'm actually quite thrilled with where the 78th is regarding members. Our numbers are low (though in truth higher then the real life's 78th's average based on planes)....Yet a standard has been set that I refuse to lower just for numbers.

    That standard being;
    * A 78th member must have a strong interest in team play. They are the folks you actually see winging another, communicating with others, and taking the job that needs to be done vs. that which might bring them kills or believed glory. You see them flying both sides to balance odds even when their favorite ride is on the other. In taking the grunt job in a coop to insure it is done well. Yet more so often helping & teaching on the forums, HyperLobby, or in servers those that are struggling.
    * 78th members also seem to develop aspects of the sim. Be it generating coops, collecting information on a topic of interest, or pressing for higher standards in play or even the sim itself. Yet not for personal fame or glory, yet simply to understand themselves, then to share with others excited to give others the pleasure they feel in that which they have discovered, nothing more.
    * 78th members thrive on good sportsmanship, the opposite shunned and rarely verbalized to insult or get payback (though here I truly fall short of the recruited members)...They are the consummate "good form" or "good sports"......a maturity few will obtain in a lifetime.
    * Though perhaps not the best pilots, tacticians, or leaders.....Of those that fly on line I can think of none better, others equal perhaps, yet not exceeded. Couple that with the above honor and play, and you have what I consider the perfect types of individuals to be associated with.

    This is the standard the current 78th active roster has set (excluding myself) and will not be compromised in future recruiting. Applications will not be solicited or accepted.....The latter unfortunately possibly costing us fine people, yet their requests are met with requests they look at all other squadrons as well, find that best suited for them, and in the mean time feel free to fly with our members in daily coops as they do. The point? So they may learn of us and us them. Our loss perhaps as far as numbers, possibly even quality people. Yet our intention being a perfect fit for both parties.

    So the 78th will only "Invite" prospective members to join, if and when we feel we are a good match for them, and them us. We're actually forming a family of those you can trust when flying with them....and trust takes time.

    There are some that I and other members would like to be in the squadron who will never join pursuing their own interests that solely our loss. So though I hope our membership grows, I expect it to slowly, gradually......As if the real life, life and death struggle of the real 78th could hold out with 2's, 3's & teens when meant to be in the 40's as to numbers of planes and personnel, I think we can as we try and form a Hikousentai, or Flying Regiment.

    I had never intended nor planned on a 78th*Sentai, and frankly somewhat did not want such a thing as part of my life..........And some may say our current state seems somewhat dim, our future possibly just as.....Yet as I consider those who are now members, and envision maybe 10 more the same......I see the 78th in a brighter light, and the future, possibly, just maybe......blinding.

    I'm proud to say I have opportunity to fly with those who on rare occasion, take on a 3 letter handle, and apply 78th*Sentai after that name.

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    Well said Billfish.

    I think you diminish your own importance to your Sentai and this community far too much.


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    Well I'll be... your description makes me want to be part of the 78th Sentai though I've always been primarily an allied flyer

    LB, you under value yourself. You're both a good tactical flyer and a good wingman.... I've been on the receiving end of both many times.
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    Originally posted by Tully__:
    Well I'll be... your description makes me want to be part of the 78th Sentai though I've always been primarily an allied flyer

    LB, you under value yourself. You're both a good tactical flyer and a good wingman.... I've been on the receiving end of both many times.
    The same...Billfish has cut me out of the sky on many an occasion...although not recently. I need to get back into VFC COOPs
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    Very kind of you all yet if you knew who
    <span class="ev_code_YELLOW">

    also fly as, you'd realize my statements are true,
    and <span class="ev_code_YELLOW">Ktu*78th*Sentai</span> was the most tarnished penny in the pile
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    Take heart and keep the faith... keep on doing what you are doing.... The 99th was just RedDiamond and I for a year... now we have grown so that we have formed a Fighter Group.

    You are a good stick.. with many other skills from skinning to just being a practical voice in a sea of confusion and a great pilot skin .... why I was in a server the other night and every single member of a certain visiting squad had on your pilot skin. Your contribution to this community has been consistent and always in good spirit. Your unit will grow based on the reputation of it's members.

    Like Tully & Ice Fire I too have been at the wrong end of your guns on more than one occasion and your presence or the presence of your m8s in a server always spells a challenge.
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