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    is anno 1800 more like anno 1404 or 2205?

    anno 2205 i hate its biggest **** i ever seen.. if anno 1880 its same NO ******G WAY TO BUY
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    this game is old school again but better i love it
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    it is like 1404.
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    I said, somewhat between them, but I think all of 3 games are awsome and great, all 3 game had con and pos, I do like 1404 because medieval and had land combat, navy simple don't control whole island if manage to take over warehouse docks. I do like 2205 because I don't had to do math, it's do for me all, I don't had to check website over and over to see how much you need to product, it's just right there answer how much you need for building, future building look great, doing building space station, and map got carry over, and still had meaning to new map,

    1800 game play is much more fun than 2, navy combat is much fun and more better art than 2, but downside, there is no land combat control, there is no math to let you know how much you need for building, do you had to go back to website and recount, that is cost too much time in real life time (I understand some people want hard way or do more work, but not all people, it's should be there as option, as some people like me want to know how much you need building right away, rather than stop game and look up website or keep recount all over again, that ate up our real time in real life, we had real job, family issues, and some people can't afford to do all math work. Petty much, come to my minds.
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