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    Patch Notes [October 19th, 2018]

    Hello everyone!

    Here’s a rundown of some topics we added to Sam this week:

    New Conversation Topics (Over 20!)

    General Updates

    • Sam, you ever get shower thoughts?

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey

    • What's Orichalcums?
    • Tell me more about the Legacy of the first blade!
    • Tell me more about the oikos of the Olympians!
    • What's the best armor?
    • Tell me more about the epsilon blade!
    • How to defeat Deimos?
    • What's the latest news for Assassin's Creed Odyssey?

    For Honor

    • What's the latest news on For Honor (Updated!)


    • What's the minimum system requirement for Starlink?
    • What are the reviews for Starlink?
    • How to upgrade a pilot in Starlink?
    • What's the Alliance?
    • Give me the controls for Starlink!
    • What are the supported controllers for Starlink?
    • Can I play Starlink in coop mode?
    • I got an error code in Starlink!

    The Division

    • Why should I play The Division?
    • Tell me more about the Underground DLC!
    • What's the Survival DLC about?
    • Tell me more about the Last Stand DLC!
    • Do you know any The Division Youtubers?
    • How to quickly level up in The Division?
    • Give me Dark Zone tips!

    Child of Light

    • Give me the latest news for Child of Light! (Updated!)
    • Show me the latest trailer of Child of Light! (Updated!)

    Bug Fixes

    • Minor Bug fixes

    Ubisoft Club Team
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    All thanks and and love to you . the is your interest in the Arabic player and the translation of games into Arabic. where I meant understanding the spirit of gambling and merging with it. I wanted to extend my gratitude to you. I wish more support for Arabic translation. I apologize if I mistake the text of the message because used a translation program.
    Like you \ Abu Jazeel.
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