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    Upgrading exotics at the workbench

    At the moment you if you want upgrade any of you sub gs500 exotics like Merciless to gs500 you can however I remember one of the Devs saying that we will not be able to post March 3rd I truly hope this isn't so because I've farmed for day months for my beautiful collection of death dealing destructives and to say that I will be furious about having to face that bloody RnG Daemon to require my collection at gs515 or lvl 40 would be an understatement
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    Once you hit lv40 GS doesn’t matter. Your lv determines your power.

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    Well 515 should be upgradable for the exotics and such for those staying at 30. But they did state that the items will NOT be upgradable to 40 but they were adding additional places to get the exotics at 40 when returning from NY.
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    So regarding Merciless etc refarming is on the cards can't say I am in favour of this if it is so I just can't see the Devs doing this to us cause they know how much we put into getting this stuff but I fear that all the months of gathering my collection has been for naught
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