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    [EU ONLY] Looking For In game supports for Serious Ranked team

    Welcome Players!

    The Deadliest Community is a server where our members play siege for fun and also for competitive reasons.
    We are looking for players to play Ranked & Casual and Tournaments.We aren't that much of a different team compared to others BUT, We also have fun and messy moments in a non-competitive game mode.
    We find the game Fun but besides we play serious when required. (Ranked)

    If you are interested in joining the team, you will need to meet the requirements below!

    • Be a Support main
    • Be atleast gold 2 (2801 MMR)
    • Speak English at all time if possible
    • Be Social and Friendly towards the Team
    • Be online at least twice a week
    • Have a working and non-tesco microphone
    • Accept Critisism
    • Have Siege as your main Game
    • Enjoy the game even upon loss
    • Play matches with us to be qualified
    • The longer you play with us, the higher you will be promoted(PRO I, PRO II, PRO III)

    If you would be away for longer than 2 weeks, you will be benched and
    will need to play 3 Unranked matches with us in order to regain your position

    Discord : AKA.Deadly#2708
    (Note: The only way to get into the Server is after a private interview)
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    i am instreded in joining your team my discord is TredZz #3066
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