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    Originally Posted by UbiBlush Go to original post
    Hey there! It can take up to the full 24 hours to receive the rewards.

    If after this time you still don't have them and you have the 3/3 missions completed, please contact our Support Team here: https://support.ubisoft.com/
    They can have a look if something went wrong with the rewards
    I got the first Reward (Hunter outfit + LMG) but nothing for referring and completing the 3 missions for my other 2 referred friends. I contacted support and I received a breakdown of the FAQ.
    How can I get this resolved when support act like bots and don't even read my message?
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    It Seems like Ubisoft don't care or want to help anyone even if u did everything correctly
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    Im stating to feel sad about all this, i have been waiting for more that 24 hours and havent get any reward, im trying to contact the supoort and the page dont load, just keep spining forever after i log in, so no reward and nosupport either
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    I didnt receive email but my recruit referal page says "play 3 missions with PDA..."

    So i was linked with my recruit, right?
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    My recruit accounts are linked to the vet account. We get the buff in game. Yet no matter how many missions we do, or strong holds, whether it's the recruits server, the vets server, the recruit page say 0 of 3 missions done and the vet page says 0 of 3 friends recruited.

    Meanwhile, I got all 3 emails saying all 3 recruit accounts were linked and the voice tells us about the referral buff being active and we see the little man with 2 chevrons icon (referral buff icon) yet nothing is progressing for either recruit or veteran.

    We are ubisoft friends and ps4 friends as well.

    This is PS4.

    Nothing is working. It's been almost 2 days.
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