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    DirectX crash

    I cant play today as the game crashes very quickly due to "unexpected DirectX error occured"

    I have tried both directX 11 or 12, same result.

    Note that, yesterday night when i stopped playing, windows 10 did an automatic update.

    What can i do ?
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    Same problem, the game gives no real problem until I go to my largest Island and go to "Items". The game stops and gives the error "unexpected DirectX error occured". A crash report is send a couple of times now. Is there a solution for this problem?
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    Sad to say but this problem has been reported here by about 20 users and no official response was ever given. Just the same old verify files and update drivers ********.
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    Hello iansolo2010,

    Welcome to the forums! Please feel free to reach out to our Support Team directly with the details for trouble shooting assistance.
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