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    Also same here: 10783608 I've received rewards for watching D2 streams on Twitch like the extra outfits without a problem. Ubisoft support page that talks about the subject doesn't mention the words, random rewards on the the page at all. To be honest this cools my heels on buying the expansion before launch as this isn't the best reflection on the game at this point. Hopefully they will work this out to the satisfaction of their customer base.
    The way support is talking to us, we have no chance on getting this helmet.

    They suggested I make a post on the forums, maybe the community managers can help me out. LOL They just sending us back and forth between themselves. Ubi support, twitch support & community managers. You go to one, they tell you go to another support. You go to that support they tell you go else where. At this very moment everything is useless.
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    Exactly the same for me. Same response, same back and forth.
    I would really like to know if it is a technical limitation stopping them from simply giving us the Rewards or if they are just not willing.

    Btw. been waiting for a reply for the last 4 1/2 hours
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    I have just talked with the support and provided screenshot evidence of me getting apparel key as a drop but not the mask.

    The issue here is: IS MASK actually GUARANTEED drop for watching 10min+, or it is a chance to drop every 10min?

    This is not the first time I am having issues with Twitch drops like this. Path of Exile also had some not that great time with them. I think it is the time for companies to make better communication with Twitch as this is just wasting so many time of all of us.

    Just found this:

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    Same. Case n° 10785593.

    Watched the stream during more than 1 hour and still didnt received the drops.
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    Originally Posted by UbiT00n Go to original post

    What can I do if I did not receive my rewards in-game?
    If your accounts are correctly linked and you did not receive your rewards in-game, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    More info here: https://support.ubisoft.com/en-GB/fa...tch-Drops-TD2/
    What, so you can just tell us that it isn't your problem and to contact Twitch?
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    Got my Drop neither, i provided Twitch-Clips from my Account that i captured. But they say that they cant do anything if no watch time is registered, even if its proofen the system sucks.
    They tell me to contact the Twitch-Support. Now im trying this, i let you know if i got the drops then.
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    Adding my name to this. Ubisoft doesn't want to take responsibility for this mishap. Twitch told me to sod off because it's not their problem.
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    I never received mine also. Wrote a post in support and waiting to hear back from someone
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    I can tell ya I watched the stream, because I linked my accounts together and followed the division and ubisoft during the stream. Didn't receive anything.

    Hell, I can do one better. Here's my browsing history for that day.

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    Reading these posts is sad. All that has to be done is to unlock or give the reward(s). It costs nothing ..... except good will. Especially with players already not to happy about having to pay for the Expansion.

    In my case, the Mask is sitting in the Ubisoft Club rewards as a locked item.

    Just filed a case yesterday (10777504) and waiting to hear back.
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