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    Language based matchmaking for Ranked

    Why is it that in a game that relies so much on strategy and communication me and my friend get matched with a group of 3 Russians that don't speak a word of English?

    Every ranked match we have at least one or two russians that refuse to communicate and just do their own thing.

    I assume they would like to play with other russians that also speak their language instead of us so why doesn't matchmaking account for something so important?
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    What region are you playing in?
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    Originally Posted by UbiYubble Go to original post
    What region are you playing in?
    Not sure about OP but i experience this a lot with turkish, russian and french people on eu.
    Next to making VC unusable since you have to mute them if they dont shut up sometimes they also get really toxic at you for asking them to speak english.
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