I'm not sure if this was triggered by NVidia's latest update, but both AC3 and Liberation has flickering graphics and the brightness is slightly dimmer and bluish. This happens in game and also out of the Animus and cut scenes. Also on the Menu screens.
I tried reverting to an earlier version of NVidia Driver as a complete clean uninstall and reinstall, Didn't work. I tried to cleanly uninstall the game and reinstall, even verifying the files. It still does the same thing.
I can't play this game in this manner, it's like looking at a strobe light. Changing Graphics settings in various ways also doesn't fix the issue.

I have an i7 5820K running Win 10 64
32GB DDR4 2800 RAM
Dual GTX 980 with SLI (I tried with SLI enabled and disabled)
Realtek HD onboard sound 5.1
and an MSI X99A Titanium Motherboard.

In AC3 I made it as far as Conner's meeting with his father Haythem while hunting Benjamin Church. When they where outside of the church with Connor starting his tracking of Benjamin Church is when the graphics went to hell. Even restarting the game didn't change the issue.