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    IS there a MANUAL / hot key file for ANNO 1800?

    I am having trouble maneuvering in the game. Is there a manual or hot key file list posted somewhere for Anno 1800? I have some handicap issues and do not understand how to move in the game.

    Any walk thru or game play instructions

    Thank you for any help ...
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    For the hotkeys you can just open the key bindings in the menu and there is a decent list there.

    For how to play I recommend just going to youtube and browse videos there. A lot of them are bad but look around and you'll find one you like.

    What manoeuvring do you mean though? I am handicapped myself but I can do all movement with the mouse.
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    Hello Nonnie-P,

    Welcome to the forums! There is no official manual available for Anno 1800. The Wiki is a great written resource, as well as YouTube for walkthrough videos like twiFight mentioned.

    Welcome to the community! Feel free to ask any specific questions that you may come across as well.
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