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    Loving this game, but immersion is ruined by huge winterfest icons.

    Ive been playing and enjoying the game on PC for 27 hours in the past 2 weeks and enjoying it even though the standard challenges are pretty easy.
    The freeroaming is for me the most enjoyable, finding the best lines, trying to better the scores on my own lines and just general horsing around.

    Now i've started winterfest, the entire map is cluttered with giant icons like the screenshot I added.

    I know there is the option to ride without HUD but that means the score is also not there. I would love to be able to hide certain icon sets at the progress menu.
    I was considering buying more DLC, but at this point im putting it off as the immersion isnt there anymore for me.
    Please ubisoft. Been enjoying this game and i'd love to put many more hours in it.

    Best regards.

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    Insert image doesnt seem to work so the link to screenshot here https://imgshare.io/image/steep-stea...-18-2-34.LcTXl
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