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    My guide to creating locked / unlockable doors (PS4)

    I haven't seen anything on this yet so for those who don't know, this is how you can script doors to lock/unlock

    To lock a dynamic door, you can block it using a dynamic shape and unlock it by unspawning the shape.

    The best shape for this is the ‘Wood Plank.’ Place the plank against the door and wedge part of it inside a tight gap using static shapes. This will keep the plank from moving and should block the door. Then you can customise the door angle so that it only opens in one direction, towards the wedge/plank. (you may need a few planks so its strong enough that it can't be kicked open.)

    To unlock it, simply unspawn the plank – I usually create some kind of power supply or use the ‘Animal Chain Lock’ that need to be destroyed to unlock it.

    This can also be done with generic dynamic shapes but their physics are dead until you give them a nudge. If you spawn another dynamic shape to fall on it and knock it, this will wake it up and it should block a door.

    Any questions, feel free to ask
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    Here is a list of indestructible (un)spawnable blocking objects without physics if you want to create obstacles that can withstand explosions and only be overcome through scripting.

    Some of those dynamic objects are only available if you use my "New Assets"-map as a base for your map (or if you're on PC, using my editormod).

    I'll be publishing a new version of the New Assets map soon, it will feature more texturable objects.
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