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    Gamers, do you use it..?

    Hi everyone! I know that many of the gamers who live in the US oftentimes use GameStop credit card for making video game purchases. What about you, guys? Does it really make sense to get this credit card in order to receive bonuses for video game and in-game purchases?
    Maybe some of you might recommend an alternative? I am just really curious. Thank you!
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    We don't use any Credit Card in FIFA

    Since most of my time is spent playing FIFA, no we don't use any type of credit card in FIFA. We use FIFA 21 Coins to transfer players to our team. However there are ways to get FIFA Points with a credit card as well.
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    I'm always using different cheats and codes and till now nobody banned me. This is really necessary because I want to be always the first in the tops and the win the best loot. This is not so easy because I can be banned very quickly. I've bought recently the Fifa 21 from www.cdkeysforgames.com and now I'm looking for some ways about how to use cheats. I have a friend John and he tries to convince me that he is playing better and that's why I'm going to use some trick for winning him.
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    I had a lot of trouble buying it there. I don't recommend using those codes at all, I think they don't help the video game industry, although I have to admit that I have used many of those sites, like g2a, instantgaming, Kinguin, gocdkeys
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