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    Please correct my payment error problem.

    Now I'm under a lot of stress due to a payment error.
    I paid for the extension of Division 2 by credit card.
    I received the purchase receipt by email from xsolla.
    I did not receive the purchase receipt from ubisoft.
    The list of purchased extension versions of Division 2 cannot be found on the upload app or website.
    The payment was usually confirmed to have been paid at xsolla.
    I had to ask Ubisoft to solve this problem.
    So I asked the ubisoft customer center with the capture file attached.
    Twenty-four hours have passed and no reply has been received yet.
    Inquiry number 10759202
    I just want to add an extension of Division 2 to my list.
    I just want you to solve this problem quickly.
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    Hey leehaymin! Sorry you've had some issues with the paument.

    Sometimes the purchase confirmation can take some time to go through. I'm still going to move this thread to Player Support so they can have a look into this.

    Please make sure not to share any private information or screenshots with sensitive information in this forum.
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    The extended version of Division 2 is on the purchase list today.
    I'm glad the problem is solved.
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