Strong Woman: a Neutral Fighter who provides an Attack boost to female allies, similar to Elven King Bradley’s boosts.
Attack animation- punching

Spontaneous Bootay: a Neutral Tank who is completely immune to knockback. Enemy attacks also only do half damage on her. Area attacker.
Attack animation- seismic shockwaves

Bacchus Gerald: a Mystical Ranger with a Warcry that grants temporary regeneration to all allies.
Attack animation- flinging wine glasses
Ability animation- tossing Member Berries

Medium Sheila: a Mystical Tank who disables all Warcries as long as she’s present on the field.
Attack animation- bashing with a crystal ball
Death quote: “What-what-WHAAATTT?!?!”

Leslie Meyers: a Sci-Fi Fighter with a Warcry obscuring all units’ health values, as well as a Deathwish obscuring the opponent’s hand.
Attack animation- punching
Death quote: “You will never be rid of ads.”