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    Change the look of the FMG-9 Suppressor

    It may just be an asthethic thing for me, but I just cannot stand the fact that the FMG-9 has a round suppressor when it is a fully square body. Can we give it a rectangle suppressor like the Vector and the K1A. it would make it look so much better instead of the weird round suppressor attached to this almost rectangle gun.
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    You have OCD or something
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    Maybe. I just don't like their choice of suppressor on the FMG-9. It's not that big of a change anyways. something they can do in an tiny update. I just want the FMG-9 to look good.
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    I just wish she had MP5SD instead, nothing against the FMG but it's not a good gun to use suppressed even after the buff
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    it's almost there actually. if you give it a ROF buff to 900 it would be perfect. the fact that it cannot fit a grip means that you need to be really good in controlling recoil to use it well. it would also make using it suppressed viable since you can just fire more lead down to do so.
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