Hey new kid! Are you looking for a new team?

Are you sick off no co-ordination in your current team?

Is your team full of inactive memebers that never get kicked?

Come and get high and join Towelie Lyfe tm

Here at towelie lyfe we are serious about working together as a team, with cap co-ordination each week with and a very active discord channel

We are looking for highly active members gold or silver shield that complete events and always play team wars

With no pressure all the weekly requirements are easy to meet
:-NK Kid 15+ min elo 4000+ (silver or above)

:-100 donations per week

:-Min requirement 4th solo pack for weekend events

:-Very active on discord and SPPD

:-You must complete your team war runs
[Does not matter if you lose 0 score is better than not trying]

:-Please download the discord app and join us at TOWELIE LYFE once you’ve joined the server we can accept you into the team as we are currently closed to stop random people joining

We are currently in silver league and are working our way upwards with 1900 crowns

Check out our discord! And don’t forget to bring a towel