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    World Dance Floor Issues

    Hey Just Dance team, I just wanted to bring to your attention that there are many issues with the song selection of the online mode of Just Dance 2020, AKA the World Dance Floor (WDF).

    I tend to talk to some of the community often, and I watch a good amount of Just Dance streamers on Twitch. There is a common consensus that the World Dance Floor is not up to par as compared to Just Dance 2019's WDF. The main issue here is that the song selection is not diverse/missing most songs from the song list.

    What do I mean by missing most songs? Well here is a list of songs that I have never seen on the WDF myself, or while watching other people stream themselves dancing on the WDF:

    - Every Alternate Routine
    - Every Extreme Routine
    - Ugly Beauty
    - So Depois do Carnaval
    - High Hopes
    - Get Busy
    - Into the Unknown (but this is technically Unlimited so it's not necessary)
    - bad guy - Billie Version (again, technically Unlimited so not necessary/expected)

    It's disappointing to see 16-18 of the routines missing from the online mode, especially since there are a lot of competitive players in the community who would love to try and battle others with the alternates, especially the extremes. This also makes the WDF less enjoyable overall, since playing on it feels like one is doing the same 10 songs over and over again.

    Side Note: A user posted that there were no alternates on the WDF a little over two weeks after the game came out. Someone from Ubisoft said that they were going to look into this. It's been over 2 months, can we get some updates on that?

    Honestly, the main issue with all of this is the impact it has on the Weekly Tournament. I do the weekly tournament quite often, and I also watch other people play on it as well. The WDF in its current state currently makes the weekly tournament feel not as fun as it used to be. I've been keeping track of the weekly tournament song lists since June 2019 (for my personal benefit) but I started to notice that most of the songs would appear pretty often.

    This is a photo of the past eight weeklys at the time of writing this post:

    Now it seems to be that Infernal Gallop (Can-Can) (hated by many players) seems to have been in 6 of the past 8 weeklys. Nobody is disappointed that this is on the WDF, but people are confused as to why it has been showing up so often. If the WDF is supposed to have around 40 base game songs, that means there is a 1/40 chance that it could appear on the weekly. That is 2.5%. I'm not sure if we're incredibly lucky, or that the song selection for the tournament is so small that this song keeps appearing every single week. I also noticed that Bassa Sababa seems to appear quite often too, yet I rarely see it on the normal WDF. This tournament would be much more fun to compete in if the song selection included the alternates and the 4 regular routines from the song list. It would make the weeklys less predictable in terms of what songs could come up.

    This has been an issue for a while and I really hope the Just Dance team can fix this so the online mode can be more fun! You all have been awesome lately with the events and songs to unlimited, so I think it would be nice if the online mode could get fixed! It worked fine in Just Dance 2019, so I don't get why there are all these issues in the latest game.
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    Wow! That's a great post.

    I wonder if the current WDF song selection may be based on concerns that players have expressed. There are 8 extremes this year, and for many players it would be really difficult to keep up with some of them if players haven't practiced them recently. (I'm sure there are amazing dancers who either already know them well or who don't even need much practice, but there are certainly many dancers who fall behind easily with the extremes and get frustrated.) The extremes often favor certain modes of game play (like Kinect and PS4 camera), and while there are players across all platforms and modes of game play who can do very well even on the extremes, there are many players who struggle with the extremes more so on certain modes of game play (perhaps more so in previous versions).

    I'm a fan of the extremes. I'm just thinking this may be part of the reason for the change.

    As for the alternates and High Hopes, what if players hadn't unlocked them in the game, haven't yet practiced or learned these dances, and they suddenly encounter them on the WDF? Maybe that's why these dances aren't showing up. I would say that the alternates this year are pretty straightforward, that most players could probably handle them fairly well without having seen them before (except for the extremes, of course).

    Even if these reasons are behind the change, I have some suggestions.

    Why not include all of the non-Unlimited dances in the Weekly tournament? This is a competitive tournament and only comes once a week, so why not at least allow the extremes to come in this special event?

    They could also make some special events, say once a week or even once a day at a regular time where alternates and extremes would be included with the WDF experience. Call it Alternate Hour, for example.

    Here is another option: If a song comes up that has an alternate (or extreme), let each player choose which version of the song to dance to. Many players may choose whichever version helps them score better, but for those who want the challenge or to do the dance they see less on the WDF, this would give players choice. They could even show separate leaderboards; since after a Team event on the WDF, each team sees a different leaderboard, I know it could be done. Both versions of the dance take the same amount of time, so I don't see the problem.

    Into the Unknown can be danced to even if a player hasn't seen it before, and it's a short song, so I don't see why it can't be included as part of the usual WDF experience.

    Personally, I wouldn't mind having a list of which songs will be coming. There are other messages scrolling before joining the WDF; I'd like to see the next 3-5 songs that are coming up. Ever have a song that you've done too many times lately, or that you're really not fond of? A short list of what's coming would be handy for those occasions. I'd also like to see a list of songs coming up for the Weekly; let players prepare for them first (like they do with the JDWC). Sometimes a song comes up and you find out you're a bit rusty with it.

    Great suggestions. Happy dancing.
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    I really like your ideas for the WDF! My issue is that I feel that choosing between the normal and extreme version of a song would cause some issues in terms of scoring, since it is still much harder to score extremes regardless on any platform. To me, it does not seem balanced.

    I do agree with your reasoning as to why the alternates are not on the WDF, but there are still some songs like Ugly Beauty and Carnaval that are not on the rotation.

    However, I love your ideas and I think with some of the suggestions you said, the WDF can be the best it has ever been.
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    For the option to choose the version of a dance, the scoring would be an issue in a tournament. Most people would want to have their best chance to hit a higher score. So maybe this wouldn't be an option during a tournament.

    Imagine that a song vote comes up for Kill This Love or Con Calma and Kill This Love wins the song vote. When the page announces the winner, it could say, "Press A if you would like to dance to the alternate version of this song." Let's say that the players who don't press A dance to the quartet and when the song ends, they see their score on a leaderboard just for other players who also did the main version; they don't see scores from players who chose the alternate version. Players who pressed A and danced to the alternate version would see a leaderboard just for players who did the alternate version; they don't see the scores from players who danced to the quartet. If they could show a separate leaderboard like this, then scoring wouldn't be an issue.

    In previous years, the song selection on the WDF seems to have been linked to which players happen to be on the WDF (or who just recently joined). In 2018 for example, it seemed like when I and one particular other player happened to recently join the WDF, the main version of Waka Wake came up, but when other players were on the WDF with me it didn't seem to come up as much. I can think of other songs that I saw more frequently when certain players happened to recently join the WDF.

    I don't think the WDF song selection has ever been as randomized as it should be. Maybe that's part of the issue with the Weekly tournament. If it were purely random, we might get better variety.
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    I think your idea of the two leaderboards sounds good, but I still think it would be much harder to implement this change on the WDF, especially since there are more songs without an alternate than there is with one. Maybe it could be a new mode on the WDF, like the Team Battle and Boss Battle, where you have this choice. But for just a song vote, there would be no choice for an alternate.

    For the randomization, you may be right, but even when the tournament was in Happy Hour, it felt much more randomized. Even in Just Dance 2019's WDF, the randomization never felt like I was playing the same songs over and over. It just seems to be an issue with the current game's WDF song selection.
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    Hey Broteam_123,

    Thanks for reaching out!

    The team were passed this previously and are still looking into it.

    I have passed this thread on, so they have more information
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