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    early or late - which is worse?

    Which is worse being early or late or hitting a note?
    Why doesn't POS let you know?
    I only notice this in scoreattack

    I upgraded my computer (stupid windows ended support for windows 7)
    Since I am using much faster computer, I get many more EARLY notices when playing bass. In fact i really didn't notice them before.
    I can't really hear it (but i am not recording myself)
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    If you are talking which is worse in terms of score, I am pretty sure that you are penalised equally in Score Attack (I read it somewhere on here a very long time ago).

    If you are talking about which sounds worse then I will leave that to someone with some musical knowledge to answer!
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    Calibrate. It'll sync up the sound with the video better.

    The only aspect I get royally PO'ed at, is with slide detection. It shows LATE a lot too.

    I wish there was a better graphic when you are LATE.

    The LATE graphic and the valid graphic are so alike that you say to yourself "did I miss that note? Hell if I know. I better just hit ESC and retry the song." Annoying!
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