Hello everyone, and especially hello to any Ubisoft staff that might be reading this.

So from what I can understand from this help article, the Online Servers for both the Leaderboards and the Challenges for the PC version have been taken down and disabled, with no current sign of them coming back.

If I may ask... if there really and truly is no chance of these PC Servers coming back, could there possibly be a way for us, the community, to have some kind of access to an online SDK that could allow us to host our own servers? I know this might be a bit of a stretch to ask for, especially since the online servers for Rayman Legends are still up for all the Console platforms, just not on PC. But I don't want to see this game die out. I'm involved in a great community of people who regularly play the challenges and compete in speedruns with eachother, and there's a pretty good chunk of them who play on PC who no longer can do that to the same level as they could a few months ago.

Recently I've been doing the absolute best I can trying to bring challenges back to the PC version in a more local setting, like for example for the past week I've been grabbing the Challenge Seeds from other versions of the game that still have online access:
And by using third party software me and few friends who could program created for the PC version to load the Challenges levels locally, we can at least load up the Challenge levels and apply the Seeds and challenge settings & parameters to match what's on the live console versions in an offline setting.

And on top of this, I've been doing a lot more digging recently to try to get the local challenges on PC to be closer to what you would expect from a functional server. Like ghosts, for example:

Normally ghosts would never load outside of online challenge, but a recent discovery I made just by tediously looking through for ghost file references in a hex editor, I found that you just have to rename some files to get them to load in offline challenges.

But this is still just a fraction of what the servers were capable of doing. There is no leaderboard system for the challenges OR invaded levels. There is no automatically downloading friend's ghosts. There is no diamond cups, or any other cups rewards. There is no automatically rotating challenges on a daily and weekly basis without me manually looking for Seeds that are on the live servers every single day. And what I've been able to restore locally is not a whole lot. I really want to try what I can to preserve this game's online functionality on PC, especially for Challenges. But I think there's only so much I can do on my own. Is there any help I could get from Ubisoft? Even if they were to get the servers on PC up and running again I would be happy. I just don't want this game to die.