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    The exact same thing doesn't make Glaz OP. As people said earlier, Warden's teammates can lose their vision because of a smoke cloud. Smoke grenades do not last long, it's 2x10 seconds in total. Shield users can pass the cloud freely, that's not Smoke's canisters that deal damage and last longer (3x10 seconds). Those 20 seconds can stop common attacker's rush though, making Warden an anchor, like he was meant to be from the beginning, yeah.
    Good point honestly. The thing about Warden is that on defense the attackers have to come to him, if there's 30 seconds left in a round and Warden is alive then a seasoned player would be able to position himself near the entry point of the other team and do the smoke thing. Theoretically locking down that obj while chilling in the smoke. I think its worth an addition testing out though. Even with a smoke it would be hard to chose him over other anchors.
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    Throwing any gadget in this game when anchoring is extremely risky. It takes valuable time and gives your position away. Again, a poorly placed smoke can hurt friendly's too. And then Glaz would be the direct counter. I just don't see a character going from horrible to op because of smokes. No one is ever going to pick Tachanka. Save Warden before its too late!
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    I think that for there to be any productive feedback Ubi need to take a step and distinguish what role they envisioned for Warden.
    It's been previously stated in the thread that if he's intended as an anchor Buff his loadout/utility and if he's to be a roamer/lurker buff his gadget which I agree with.
    Personally I think his current loadout is to weak as an anchor in comparison to others.
    He has a similar loadout to mute and smoke in terms of primary and secondary but I'd always take either of them over Warden.
    There are so many other operators that are better to anchor with than warden.
    This is why I think makeing him an effective lurker/roamer would be a better direction.
    To be honest people have been talking about giving him smoke yet nobody has talked about giving him flashbangs.
    Being able to aggressively push attacker's using flashbangs and not having to worry about flashing yourself would be so much more fun.
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    Flash bangs are a good idea too. Glad mains may disagree, but its still an improvement. Probably better balanced.
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    Originally Posted by WhackyClock Go to original post
    Removing his gadgets charge time would be a step in the right direction, maybe make him invulnerable to Zofias and Elas stuns. Anything to increase his play rate. He has potential he just needs a little something that would make him less niche.
    I agree to your buff suggestion, such earprotectors exist already, that can increase low noise levels (foot steps) and decrease high noise levels like explosions, in the Game Escape from Tarkov there are such headsets available, the perfect buff for Warden.

    Additionally a better gun like the PDW of Jackal would be nice, 800 rpm, 34 damage and 50 rounds per mag.

    Increase stun grenade flash radius for 1.5 meters even if defender looks not directly on it. Reduce grenade amount to 2.
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