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    Battle Pass FAQ

    Hey Warriors! We wanted to post this Battle Pass FAQ to help explain the details.

    Q: What is the Battle Pass?
    The Battle Pass is a new seasonal progression in For Honor, that will award your playtime with rewards for all heroes.

    The For Honor Battle Pass will consist of 100 tiers with a shared progression through the Free pass and Premium pass.

    Everyone will have access to the Free pass and its rewards. In the Free pass, you can unlock items such as ornaments, steel, color swatches, champion status, embossings, and more.

    Owners of the Premium passes will have access to unique customization rewards such as new signatures, new weapons, new executions, new effects, and more. Please note that Premium owners will also receive the rewards from the Free Pass.

    Q: How do I earn Battle Pass rewards?
    Completing matches, arcade mode quests and daily orders gives you Battle Points. Getting Battle Points will make you progress through the tiers in the Battle Pass.

    Q: What's the difference between Free Pass rewards and Premium Pass rewards?
    Free Pass rewards are available for all players without the need to purchase. Please note that within free pass not every tier has a reward.

    Premium Pass rewards are only available for players that purchased the Premium Battle Pass Offer of the current season on their platform of choice. Premium Pass holders will have at least one reward per tier.

    Q: What are Tiers? How are Tiers different than my Reputation and Hero Level?
    Tiers are the progression milestones uniquely used for the Battle Pass. It is an account-based progression that resets seasonally. Play with any hero to collect Battle Points and unlock higher Tiers.

    Hero Level is a character-based progression and doesn’t reset. Play with the hero of your choice to collect XP and unlock higher Levels. Every 20 Levels you increase your Hero Reputation by one. In some menus the reputation of all your heroes are showed together.

    Q: Is the Battle Pass pay to win?
    Definitely not. The Battle Pass rewards are all cosmetic items and do not affect gameplay. Gears that are part of the pass drop according to your hero reputation level, as any other gear earned by playing matches.

    Q: Can I keep gaining tiers on my Battle Pass after the season ends?
    No. The progression of the Battle Pass ends at the same time as the current season is over. After it ends, you won’t be able to gain Battle Pass rewards from the current season.

    Q: Do I keep my rewards after the season ends?
    Yes, of course! Rewards earned through the Battle Pass are accessible from the barracks after the season is over.

    Q: Do I get more rewards after completing the 100 tiers of the Battle Pass?
    No, you cannot go beyond tier 100.

    Q: How do I purchase the Battle Pass?
    The Battle Pass can only be purchased in the available stores of the supported platforms (Xbox, PS4, PC). Launch For Honor, navigate to the Store Page and find the Battle Pass option for a quick shortcut to the store of your choice. Availability might depend on platform and region. Note that your progress is bound to the platform and account that you purchased the pass and once redeemed in-game, the Battle Pass is not eligible for refund.

    Q: What happens if I buy my Premium Pass late in a season?
    You will receive all rewards up to your current Battle Pass tier retroactively. For example, if you are on tier 20 when you buy the Battle Pass, you will get all the rewards through level 20, including all “Tale of Wyverndale” Execution Effects for all characters.

    Every owner of the Battle Pass, early or late in a season, also gets to enjoy a 10% Bonus in Battle Pass gained through matches and arcade mode that you will complete.

    Q: Can I speed up my progression?
    Yes. If you are eager to complete your Battle Pass, you have the possibility of purchasing tiers in steel.

    Q: If I buy the Battle Pass, can I still get the Free Pass rewards?
    Yes! The Free Pass rewards are available to everyone playing during the current season.

    Q: How do I equip the items that I earned?
    From in-game, select the HEROES option to open the barracks. Select the hero for which you unlocked the item and look for the item on its category to equip it.

    Q: What if I don't own the Hero?
    Don’t worry, you are still going to get the rewards for that Hero. It will be available in the barracks, but as any other in-game item, you will have to recruit the Heroes to be able to customize them.

    Q: Can I see what will be unlocked at each Tier?
    Of course. Just head to the Battle Pass page from the main menu or using the shortcut to access the Pass information. Use the left stick or mouse to navigate through the tiers. You can also Preview the content of the tier by selecting the Preview tier option or clicking directly on the tier.

    Q: What happens if I dismantle gear from the Battle Pass?
    If you dismantle gear by mistake in the Battle Pass, the gear looks are still saved on your visual collection.
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    What happens when you "unlock" something from the battle pass that you already own? Is it simply a case of tough luck and you earn nothing? This would seem counter intuitive as it gives far less of an incentive to purchase it.
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    Meanwhile, I have over a million salvage. New currency is a GREAT IDEA.

    And also, because we needed yet another pop-up after a match for loot.

    Ubisoft game designers in cereal boxes.
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    So if I buy the Battle Pass and do not play enough, I can't unlock what I paid for? Is this a new type of scam?
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    Originally Posted by We.the.North Go to original post
    Meanwhile, I have over a million salvage. New currency is a GREAT IDEA.

    And also, because we needed yet another pop-up after a match for loot.

    Ubisoft game designers in cereal boxes.
    You called for me?

    And in the mean time, still not UI update. Chat is still unredeable after a match because of the log popping in top of it.
    Still a big skull popping on your screen when your team breaks so you can't see the opponent attack indicators, etc...

    But we have a lot of new cosmetic stuff that we can't buy but no unlock if we do not play enough. I knew that Ubisoft were looking for money after the catatrosphe that was 2019 for them, but still. That they have to resort to that type of scam is a new low.
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    Can something be done about the battle pass XP bar popup at the end of match screen please? We're back to being clogged up at that screen again and the battle pass XP bar takes a much longer time to skip than the gear loot. I suggest not having the battle pass popup at all or only show up if you've progressed a tier. Definitely make it skipable faster than it is now. A single button press for example instead of holding a button down for two seconds.

    Originally Posted by UbiInsulin Go to original post
    Q: Is the Battle Pass pay to win?
    Definitely not. The Battle Pass rewards are all cosmetic items and do not affect gameplay. Gears that are part of the pass drop according to your hero reputation level, as any other gear earned by playing matches.
    The executions do affect gameplay. Longer ones means you can keep a player dead for longer and waiting longer to respawn, which gives your team a tactical advantage. Shorter ones mean you can execute and gain health faster, which again gives you a tactical advantage over someone who doesn't have access to that type of execution.

    For these reasons all previous and future event exclusive executions are banned in competitive play. Premium battle pass executions are now also banned.
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    They are not even aware how their game works xD
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    I was seriously considering purchasing the pass once it launched to give sth back this time (except my participation in online gaming) but when I saw that it as for one pathetic season and the content offered was mostly poor and uninteresting i stopped right in my tracks. Rightly so since the minute I got ingame I noticed so many bugs, like parry effects not displaying often or weird and incorrect bumping animations, aramusha's ring the bell now being interruptable by a manuel revenge trigger before it can hit and so on and so forth. Too bad.
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    Battle Pass Is Not Good Enough

    Can someone explain to me why you get around 3000 steel for the entire battle pass which lasts for 100 days when you can get over 1000 steel just from daily challenges in 1 day. I think its unfair how we pay $16 for these thoughtless tier fillers tier fillers. Don't get me wrong some of the rewards are amazing and props on the effects and weapons but I think everyone that purchased the battle pass deserves some better rewards. I do really like the concept of making it much harder to tier up with each tier requiring 300 gems but that just makes it even worse when the next tier coming up is 100 or 300 steel. I hope ubisoft read this and decide to change this as I'm sure many people feel the same.

    Side note
    I think that the battle pass should cost an in game currency like steel so that you can earn it from the battle pass and use to purchase the following battle passes if you do not spend it during the season. This just means that you do not have to pay a whole $16 each season. It's a lot of money if you want to keep on supporting for honor with the battle passes.
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    I'm going to be as objective as possible and summarize all of which I find to be wrong in the BP:

    - Rewards are very lackluster even in the Premium, the number one issue of this. If you want real currency for cosmetics, you're gonna have to try harder than that, there is little there that would make you go ''Now that I would really like for my main'', which should be the reaction you're aiming for.

    - Things like 100 salvage at tier 94 is... I don't even know what to say to that. Salvage should not even be a reward, it's a completely useless currency even at 6-figure numbers, let alone 100.

    - 300 steel at tier 93 is almost as bad. The minimal amount should be something that would allow you to instantly purchase something standard, like an effect or Elite outfit, even if you had no steel prior. That's a reward.

    - 1 XP boost ticket at tier 90. Something literally any player can afford instantly and generally pays them no mind.

    - 1 scavanger crate at tier 96. Struggling to find words to describe how ludicrous all of this is anymore.

    - Unlocked weapons have to be additionally paid for with steel, and it's also the higher event items price (700 steel).* So not only do we not get them for free anymore, not only do we now have to pay real money for them, but we also have to drop 2,1k steel? Not gonna go on a rant about anti-consumer practices by AAA companies nowadays, but this needs to change.

    - The free pass is incredibly barren. You're approaching the incentive to buy the Premium wrong, by just having nothing in the free one. The correct way is to have useful stuff in the free one and jawdropping uniques in the Premium one, or at least have it be more profitable with how many good things 10$ could get you.

    - Progression is displayed after every match, another thing to skip that's just annoying. We can see the progress just fine in the top left part of the screen, there's no need for a notification every time.

    * On the note of transmog - I think it's high time this feature became free, or at least purchasable by salvage only. I know of absolutely no game that doesn't have a free transmog system or at the very least one that is bought with currency that is trivially easy to acquire.

    Anyhow, the progression of the pass is definitely not bad. It needs to be this way to last 3 months, it's not a terrible grind and it's an additional reason for players to log in as often as possible. But that's about the only positive thing I can say. Overall very poorly handled first attempt, with decisions I have no clue how someone gave the green light to. A Premium Pass should simply be way more enticing to buy.
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