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    game wont open

    Hello im making this post cause I recently decided to reinstall the digital version of silent hunter 5 and since I did do I can't get the game to actually open it opens to the video of the submarine being attacked by depth charges and then the submarine blows up a couple ships etc and then the game closes out completely . I haven't installed the game in a few years but would like to play it again so if anyone has any information on how to fix this it be GREATLY appreciated . Thankyou !
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    I have the same problem also and i still can't get any answer for that
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    Found this from steam forums.. workd for me..Silent Hunter 5: crash after intro (Windows 10 SOLVED)After trying pretty much everything I found on the internet plus what I learned here it is:

    (from indiefaq.com) APPLY THIS FOR SILENT HUNTER 5 even though was for SH4:
    Step #1 - Go to Games Library and right click on Silent Hunter 4
    Step #2 - Click 'Properties'
    Step #3 - Click the tab that says 'Local Files' and then click the button that says 'Browse Local Files'
    Step #4 - Find the exe named 'sh4.exe' or 'sh4' depending on if file extensions is enabled.
    Step #5 - Right click the exe and then click 'Porperies' in the context menu
    Step #6 - On the top of the window, there should be a tab labeled 'Compatibility', Click It
    Step #7 - Under the 'Compatibility Mode' section, check the box that says 'Run this program in compatibility mode for.'
    Step #8 - Click the dropdown menu directly below it then click Windows Vista. Not The Service Packs!
    Step #9 - Click 'Apply' and then 'Ok'

    this will make the Intro flicker, have no sound and crash, BUT there is a solution for that:

    (from my experience)
    #1 - go to SH5 folder
    #2 Right click the exe and then click 'Porperies' in the context menu
    #3 Click "Change DPI Settings"
    #4 Enable "Override high DPI scaling behaviour"
    #5 Choose "Application"
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    that didnt change a thing, still crashes loading up
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    Thanks for the post, the same problem
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    tks ykke1972 it work for me !!
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