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    here's my feedback about the story and a new defender operator

    first about the story line now, i said before that i didn't like harry at all and now with the new event the story seems to go to esport well its kind suck for me and i'm sure most of the player didn't like it too, harry in my opinion doesn't fit in rainbow six he seem to be an HR manger for me not the one who controls all these operators from all different country and different field operations, Aurelia Arnot is a much better choice. the action that she is giving in her voice and face put you in action mode its a great brief for the game it is like call of duty captain price thing or an action movie the force really have a situation and we have to move now, going from that to what we have now it's really dull cut the action .

    well i guess there was a big reason to drop six maybe the actor busy can't fit a time for siege or there's money issue there, but going from that charter and attitude to harry is bul#$# seeing dokkaebi complain about sledge with that type of clothes and the way she talks get me cut from everything, Aurelia Arnot reactivate the program to recruit the operators from among the world's foremost elite ... we talk about elite operator and anyone know to be elite force what expectation that give from the hardest training they take to there achievement and awards to type of person who will present their countries, and just be serious here i'm with all elite forces and present my country will be setting in that chair with that clothes and complaining about some other dude won't let me use my gadget !!!. if that ever happen i will be called back home from my force manager and you will get someone else to replace me and i will be sitting in court for insulting my force and country and will dismiss from the force or put in jail ,, and let's wish it's not in North Korea then he will execute me.

    finally the white mask idea was great and it's get dropped without take any advantage of it i still remember the look of white mask man in the end of the intro video its awesome i hope it not the end of it ..

    i hope you study these thing and at least try do a poll in facebook and other social media so everyone will vote do you like harry or not / or wish you like Aurelia Arnot style or harry way ??

    now here's my story vision for you

    with what we have now siege have a stadium and there's audience there too i see its the perfect place and time for chaos ... the white mask must strike back at this point and its the perfect respond for all six program which effects there plans.

    i'm imagine there's a match between two teams all people are cheering; harry focus on the teams and study them and ash didn't like all of this and something make here uncomfortable like she knew something gonna happen, and once the match finished and we have a winner and the team cheering and the audience too in that moment an explosion happen in the stadium and a smoke bottle throw around and people start screaming , running and the shooting sound is there everywhere and everything goes wrong the teams on the ground don't have any gun and tired from the match everyone is running fast to the room to get weapons harry stand and try understand what's happening here ash is angry and talks loud by the phone to the others and try to rearrange the team to make any move to this attack and then harry got shoot by a sniper and ash running on him the shoot get in his heart he's bleeding a lot she try to stop the bleeding by her hand and then she look at the stadium and then from the smoke one get out and give here the look and yes he is one of the white mask and then he disappear.........

    i hope you like it ,

    now here's my new defender operator.

    the operator have hologram gadget he set it like mission impossible movie, it has a camera to see what's in the back and give that image to the front so defender could move and stand there without being seen by the attacker,

    now the attacker could handle this in these ways, bullet shoot that cross the hologram the image get miss like alibi and back again to normal by this the attacker know there's a hologram there and he could shoot the device to destroy it, but he will risk the sound of his gun will give the defender that intel

    glas could see through the hologram by his thermostat and anyone back there will got shoot, twitch drone could destroy it, any drone jump in the hologram will affect its image like a bullet and IQ could detect the device.

    for defender anyone could stand there and if any attacker move in its way he could shoot him and have the advantage to strike first,

    Alibi will be a great combo to this operator she could put here gadget too and miss all the attacker there "its a bad day for them"

    Looking forward to take my recommendations into account .
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    any reply ??
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    There is no "real" crowd during the event, it's just a meta commentary on how siege is all about e-sports and so on, as well they are no longer making the game about terrorism and literally ditching white masks, to keep the training e-sports stuff. Expect more character drama (suddnedly caveira now hates doc, someone gets in a relationship with someone else and so on)
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    why add a story and a single player mode... just stupid focus on important stuff...
    but hey we are talking about ubisoft... the next thing what will happen is they will add a BattleRoyal to Siege xD hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
    and add more skins for real money to milk even more thats ubi... nothing else they can do...

    A real deep love for the game did not exist they just see $$$$$$$$$$
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    YANA IS ALBINO SHE IS ALBINO *clears throat* what hair, skin very light, and eyes are almost pink if you noticed. I had to say it and im not wrong
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    and I read Grace was complaining (duh) but you would not complain like that so this could have happened constantly and this a special elite force. Harry is there to help operators in need like grace that's why. This is a game not real world so your knowledge of how your job works is different in this universe. What they were in as a situation so when they ended looks like they were done for the week or something thats why she was wearing that like c'mon man.
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