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    Please limit autosave slots!!

    Is there any chance we can have a save slot limit even if it's high or an option to set the number of autosave slots please!!!!

    I like regular saves, but it would be so great if i could limit save slots to 20 or something so the games autosaves over the oldest saveslot and then places that save at the top of recent saves.

    Many thanks
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    I would like to have this option too. The number of saves can really slow down the screen when you want to load a game. And yes, I use an SSD.
    I prefer to have the save interval set to low, because a 20-30 minute old auto-save can mean A LOT has happened since then, but setting it shorter adds up quickly.
    (FYI: in my current game I have 3500+ saves of which 1700 are auto saves. Yes, I am neurotic )
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    Yes, i have the same problem too, when too much saved games exist already,
    it is hard to view the loads,
    Load window is just hang for sometime
    I see only 1 possible solution for the moment:
    - locate your saved games, usually in your PC folder:
    C:\Users\'Your PC user name'\Documents\Anno 1800\accounts\485a9d5d-adfd-46b5-94e2-10e181adaa00\'Your Anno user name'
    Once i reach this place, i found around 1700 !! saved games, mine and autosaved - all here
    therefore no wonder now, why it is hang and difficult to read the loads
    - So delete unnecessary saves here ! ) its easy to sort and control deletes from normal windows file explorer

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