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    We live in a time where someone will be offended regardless of any narrative theme or topic in a entertainment product. There will be angry twitter rants, certain outlets and influencers taking a huge issue with this game no matter what it will do or be about. Then a month after launch all of them will be defecating on the next thing.

    Last thing anyone should do is to bend a knee to these individuals or dance on eggshells to not offend anyone in their storytelling, since it is literally impossible. No potential change or apology will ever be enough for them. Just tell the story you want to tell and ignore the offended, it's not like they would buy the product anyway.
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    Originally Posted by SofaJockey Go to original post
    I've borrowed some words from the New York Times to explain first Brexit and then expanded upon why it could be bad.

    Brexit basics

    Britain has been debating the pros and cons of membership in a European community of nations almost from the moment the idea was broached. It held its first referendum on membership in what was then called the European Economic Community in 1975, less than three years after it joined. At the time, 67 percent of voters supported staying in the bloc.

    In 2013, Prime Minister David Cameron promised a national referendum on European Union membership with the idea of settling the question once and for all. The options offered to voters were broad and vague — Remain or Leave — and Mr. Cameron was convinced that Remain would win handily.

    That turned out to be a serious miscalculation.

    As Britons went to the polls on June 23, 2016, a refugee crisis had made migration a subject of political rage across Europe. Meanwhile, the Leave campaign was hit with accusations that it had relied on lies and that it had broken election laws.

    In the end, a withdrawal from the bloc, however ill-defined, emerged with the support of 52 percent of voters.

    Debate settled? Hardly.

    Brexit advocates had saved for another day the tangled question of what should come next. Even now that Britain has settled the terms of its departure, it remains unclear what sort of relationship with the European Union it wants for the future, a matter that could prove just as divisive as the debate over withdrawal.

    - - -

    So you have a political event - Brexit - that is seen by half the population as a terrible idea based on bigotry and isolationism, some of the themes that Watch Dogs picks up as a possible future.

    The other half of the population who think Brexit is an important redefining of sovereignty and taking back control from Europe may view any portrayal of a dystopian future fuelled by Brexit as unhelpful and insulting, not just an academic backdrop.

    Brexit remains hugely divisive.

    Ubisoft may be seen as taking a side on Brexit rather than simply presenting a 'what if'.

    A US equivalent might be a game that explores a dystopian future but makes particular points in reference to one or other US political party, president or aspiring president.

    - - -

    The timing is awesome. A game that on the face of it explores a possible Brexit future will be a huge talking point in the UK, where folk have discussed little else for 4 years. Perhaps no big deal at all anywhere else.
    Hey Sj Don't forget ubi PARIS is french.Do you think the french mentality wouldn't jump at a chance to take a dig at the U.K. since the U.K. is no longer part of the bloc?Hell they did it even while the U.K. was a member the french tried causing problems.Remember the orders of kit cars stopped at their customs even though Europe had decreed any kit car built to their single vehicle use standards were acceptable as fully capable safe road cars?Maybe you are not a petrolhead like me but there are other examples of france trying to stick it to the U.K.
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    Originally Posted by Abnormal_Oneill Go to original post
    Hey Sj Don't forget ubi PARIS is french.Do you think the french mentality wouldn't jump at a chance to take a dig at the U.K. since the U.K. is no longer part of the bloc?
    A good point, though I don't think any such dig would be overt.
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