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    Zanhu upgrade tip

    Well... I personaly love Zanhu, but I do not know if you (Ubisoft) are going to buff him or not. I really love to see a Zanhu buff, like his dodge, yes his dodge. I did not see anywhere that anybody has problems with it, but if you (Ubisoft) say that "His dodge is like Kensei's dodge" then why it is not, I mean if you hit Kensei in mid dodge while his attacking you will not cach him, BUT with Zanhu..... you are going to. I hate to say this but when somebody lightspamming and I want to dodge from it I can not.
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    I've been maining Zhanhu since coming back to the game and I have to agree. He feels like somebody took Kensei and Highlander, mixed them together, and took away almost all the moveset variation. The class is supposed to be a "counter attacker"and a "dodge attacker" but has very weak dodges compared to, say, Aramusha. With no attack mixups or soft-fients, Zhanhu's "every second attack is unblockable" schtick makes them very, very predictable to any player who knows how to parry or bait with any kind of competency.

    If I could add anything to Zhan it'd be either better dodges, or some kind of soft-fients/mixups a'la Kensei.
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