How does such a nice game have such an empty forum? Did the servers crash deleting all posts?

Well, my best guess is that bad marketing, afaik crazy pricing at launch and targeting the wrong audience didn`t do it any favours.

I remember back when Ubi announced it at E3 ... I got excited for 10 seconds about seeing a good looking space shooter, then they brought up all the toys and Starfox stuff, and I instantly forgot the game even existed.
Next time I took notice was during a sale a week ago where I randomly clicked on it.

Anyway, I just wanted to throw some praise towards the developers.
-The controls/handling are really good (Xbox One controller on PC). Easy to learn, boiled down to the essentials, fun arcade shooting.
-Performance is super smooth, 4k 60fps on max settings without a hitch. Lovely graphics. It feels really polished. (Sadly no HDR)
-Gameplay has a nice, varied balance to it. Focus on the core of combat on planets, but broken up with space combat, a few puzzles, a bit of platforming, etc..
-The whole alliance vs legion thing on planets is a surprisingly good mechanic. It gives context/meaning to the "busy work".
-The story won`t win any awards, but it carries you through the game well enough.

My two negatives are basicly results of the marketing:
-Some characters are a bit too silly, clearly aiming for a very young audience.
-I got the Deluxe version for 20 euros, and it still feels like there should be more ships and weapons included. That`s certainly a consequence of selling the toys.
At 20 euro it`s fine, but I think this would have bugged me a lot if I had payed full price.
I also feel the ships would look better if the design wouldn`t have had to consider plastic toys.

Well, I hope the game did at least well enough with it`s target audience to warrant a sequel some day.
Hopefully just as a cool space-shooter game without limiting itself with all the marketing/toy/sale jazz.