The purpose of this forum has always been for us to support players with UPLAY+, and to continue to do so effectively, we would like to highlight some post guidelines. We appreciate that players are often creating threads for specific account or billing issues they are experiencing with UPLAY+, and for the protection of your own personal data these conversations would be best handled via a private Support platform.

Examples of threads that can be created on the forums –

- You would like help signing up or cancelling your subscription
- You’re receiving an error message
- Needing general help, but you are unable to find a support article

Examples of threads that should not be created on the forums –

- Any payment issues, such as your payment being declined
- Questions about your subscription, such as the billing date or amount

If you are experiencing an account or billing issue with UPLAY+ please contact us privately via any of these channels –

Email / Live Chat:

This decision has been made for your account security, and threads will be deleted for this reason.