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    Endless game without enemies and also setting yellow flags defining the paths

    I liked the option in The Settler I and II, that I could deactivate any enemy and was able to play an endless game without war or conflict. Also, setting the path where the settlers had to go and setting the yellow flags gave me a little control, especially when they should mine or doing stuff. To avoid self blocking the game because of deadlocks or too many mines and buildings which has to build at the same time.
    I played the first two editions many times, so I dreamed about the yellow flags. And I liked to control the economy without the necessity to fight.
    Later both options has been removed.
    This has been too stressful for me, so I played only the third edition but stopped it because of war playing.
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    I agree with ya.

    The flags and roads made easy to control traffic. Ya knew the "person" was there ready to take the resource rather than waiting for the "person" to come from where was last. The "relay" of resources I thought was very neat, made building more of a team effort, and made Settlers different than the other RTS games like warcraft and dune. Storages really made the flags/roads work due to how each storage was independent of each other, unless the Settlers 3 storage area where only a global "store everything" or "just store one thing" at a specific storage area. Military strategy of storages and roads were also very fun with how definitely were weakness points for enemies to disrupt if able the town was poorly designed. Farms are way too simplified now. I liked how, in Settlers 2, I was able to market a site for building for future planning and nobody would build it until it was connected to a road. This can not be done now in Settlers 3. Pioneers and the marketplace and new trading system and priests and specialty crops are awesome in Settlers 3, but the lack of economy control with roads and storage areas not being so important really has made me not like Settlers 3.

    I have recently come back to Settlers 3 again, and, very quickly, I am remembering why I didn't like it so much. I play Settlers 2 for endless hours, just love it.
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    I really like how the road is coming back in the new "The Settlers" game, at least they're trying to bring back the traditional Settlers game from the good old days.
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