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    i had problem crash, that launcher game crashed everytime. i play odyssey, shadow of TR, GR wildlands, between very high and ultra, its fine.
    only this game had been crash, i already summit ticket to ubisoft but i know it takes long to feed back. but, someone have problem as same as me?
    any idea to fix this?
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    Ubi-Viral's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Hey JasonStampt!

    Thank you for getting in touch! Sorry to hear that your game has been crashing, thank you for submitting your support ticket along with your system files.

    As a first point of troubleshooting we would ask that you complete the steps here:


    If the game continues to crash, please update your support ticket with a fresh set of system files and a technical agent will contact you via email as soon as possible.

    Thank you.
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    Same problem here bro...

    Try administrator - No diference
    Try Compabilty - Nop...

    I will not re download 54 gigas to tech problems...
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    This game crashes in ps4 at least once every 30 minutes. I always send the crash report but it’s still extremely disappointing a remaster is performing this terribly.
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    My game wont even start! i get black screen on ps4 every time i press start! i haven't downloaded it yet but "Data to start application" are completed YET the game won't start!

    i am looking forward seeing what will happen after the full download will be completed!
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    Ubisoft games always have this issue for me, I really ask myself why I keep supporting them.
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    If you are having this issue, please reach out to our Support Team with the details.

    Thank you!
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