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    Could somebody please give me a relatively unbiased combarison between il2 and cfs3 please? I dunno what to buy...
    Thanks alot!
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    I have both sims. There is no comparison in the feel of airial combat. Do yourself a favor and get the FB/AEP/PF series. Check out the CFS3 forums and you will find them very dead. That should tell you something.
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    CFS3 sucks. IL2 doesn't suck. 'Nuff said.
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    You know, for just this once I have to disagree with you Chimp.

    CFS3 doesn't suck. It REALLY REALLY sucks.
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    wrong place for an unbiased opinion, i too think cfs3 sucks and though it has its strong points they can not overcome its suckiness, il-2 is where it's at
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    Wow I havent seen one of these in a looong time.

    I thought everyone got it by now... i guess all those copies of CFS3 still sitting on the shelves and the absence of FB makes people wonder.

    To the original poster..... some people love CFS3... but they arent here..... for the most part anyway.... I could never get it to run right on my PC.... personally I think there is no comparison to this sim... aside from the fact that they both deal with WW2 aircraft....that is where the similarity ends... Of course there is the 3D vector thing... but then when you look around your cockpit bars you see that cr@ppy scenery.....
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    Oh no... Don`t get me started. I wated 2 months of my life on that ****. But if you really want to read an A4 sized description of all that`s wrong with CFS3 compared to IL2, I can provide.

    Oh yea, and your request for an unbiased opinion is illogical because you posted on the IL2/FB forums???
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    Its funny m8 because I asked this question a while back, and the answers I got sounded like biased fanboy stuff.

    I kind of expected the 'CFS sucks' bit and thought to myself - 'Hell it cant suck because CFS1 was good for its time!' (I never tried CFS2) These guys must just be biased cos this is an IL2 forum.

    But no m8 , I bought it and guess what , It really really SUCKS' There are no other words for it.

    Even tho the screenshots look ok, the graphics have NOTHING on IL2 and the gameplay (all 2 hours that I played) really is that bad. I was so disgusted with the product that I uninstalled it and gave it away to a friend.

    The ONLY thing that I think is slightly better than IL2/FB/PF was the sound. It just sounds a bit more meaty.

    From what I hear, CFS2 is a lot better than CFS3, but I wouldnt know cos I havent tried 2.

    Do yourself a favour and give CFS3 a miss mate, its just a waste of money. Maybe checkout CFS2 if you really want to try 'a CFS'.

    A MUCH better idea would be to complete the collection of FB/AEP/PF if you dont have them all already. Then get yourself online and dogfight against us on 334th server or UKD1

    Has/Is 1c going to release a GOLD pack of FB/AEP/PF? They should do cos Im sure many people will want to play online but all 3 is very expensive for what is essentially one online game.

    Get Forgotten Battles first RockGardeonLove, I think its on budget now at either 4.99 or 9.99. DONT buy the original IL2-Sturmovik.

    Forgotten Battles has everything IL2 has plus a lot more.

    Aces Expansion Pack (AEP) adds a lot of random planes like the Spitfire and the Mustang and HE162.

    Pacific Fighters adds ,well, all the Pacific fighters like the Zero, F6F etc.
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    Just played a track in PF (can you do that in CFS3?) and while the smoke of a train was coming closer I noticed that the leaves in the trees were fluttering in the wind. You can play this sim for years and still get surprised by details you missed earlier.
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    Your asking in the wrong place, you mind as well hold up a chicken up in a cage and ask a group of lions what taste better people or chicken.

    Both sims have aspects much better then each other. People here will bash it to death becuase they are oleg fanboys but in fact cfs3 does so many things better.

    The most important things il2 wins in are Its choice of difficulty settings for online play, graphics, low alt only but then again its fullworld terrain vs small square maps and anti cheating prevention which makes this game. better in my opinion

    the Cfs series sold so many more copies then the il2 series as well and they canceled it becuase it was not a big money maker. So we have to thank oleg for what we got here.

    I enjoy all wwii dogfighting prop sims and cfs3 is alot of fun becuase of the great community and user made addons, people just dont realize when cfs3 came out p2 400 was the recommended system requirements and many got studders low alt. Cfs3 was patched a few times. Todays pcs get fps in the hundreds.

    cfs3 to me win in these catagories

    fullworld terrain
    dive speeds
    roll rates
    clickable cockpit gauges and all working
    simulated stick pressures "compressibility before breakup speed"
    weather and clouds.
    ground objects
    differential braking
    accurately scaled buildings and Trees
    bomber gunstations focus on the ironsites of.
    supports track ir 3 6dof
    fire and smoke reflective models and lighting effects.
    mid and high altitude 50,000feet modeled
    missions that require drop tanks
    you can fly anywhere in the world
    terrain look while high alt
    traintracks and runways being a part or the ground textures

    aep fb pf wins in

    Host difficulty selections
    water graphics
    aircraft cockpit models
    anti cheating aids online
    a developer who responds to his consumers.
    online regiment, piltoskin, noseart, aircraftskin transfers online.
    damage model effects with alphacuts "holes in the wings"
    the ammount of ac included 50 flyable aircraft that come with the series 120ish if you count 2-5 varients of each.
    ai is definatly better in FB AEP PF now
    ship models
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