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    I can't buy games that are part of the Lunar New Year sales

    I'm trying to get rainbow six siege deluxe edition on this account and the division 2 on my main account but every time I try to buy them, it just gives me a message saying "Oops, your payment could not be processed." I've tried three different credit cards but none of them have worked, I also submitted a ticket too
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    mounty.350: Thanks for reaching out about this! Can you please tell me what your payment method is at this time?
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    Same issue

    Same here.When click on confirm and pay and "Oops, your payment could not be processed."
    My payment method is with card.Support not answer me 2-3 days.
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    same Issue

    was trying to buy Heroes of might and magic 1, 2, and 3 using my golden one debit card. I got a response from the support team to change my password, use a different browser, clear my cache, disable popup blockers, load cart then log in, and a couple other items but still no luck.
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    Denied purchase but still charged still no game

    I tried to buy ghost recon website said it could not be completed. Even though they charged my account. After the purchases cleared my account they said wouldn't happen I refunded all them except one because they did give me a copy of the game.

    Now I tried to buy division 2 and no transaction was said completed and they held 100 dollars that's still pending a week later.

    Contacted customer support a week later they said that I could not buy division 2 because I refunded the over charges from ghost recon.

    So after buying on their website which said transaction could not be completed o have pending charges on 2 separate occasions in which the most recent seems I will not be able to have the game I tried to buy but they still want my money

    Support number 10596690
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