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    Support is broken - feedback

    Dear UBISOFT,
    think you should really do something with support. i try to solve my problem with support but they respond after one month, thats really unacceptable, i am the customer who buy your games, and i dont have content in it so i try to solve this and I CANT PLAY DLCs untill your supporters helps me. maybe you should hire more people if its not enough to respond in normal time? just think about this, tousand of people having their problems solved in less than half year, awesome isnt it?
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    UbiDork's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    xtrashdog: Hey there, and I'm sorry to see that you were having an issue with your support ticket and it's completion time. I did check on the ticket and I see that the content has been added to your account, and that the agent did reach out about this. Can you please check your email for the update from support?
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