So i was having a blast with Liberation i am a casual gamer then i get to a mission that is timed.. i hate those missions, and what you know ubisoft never bother to fix the assassiin creed controls so i have to climb a building and dumped a big canister to block the road.

After a few failed attempt i reach the upper building only to get detected and fail the mission like 30 times... where is the fun in that... more like frustration.

Remastered what was remastered the control still suck, for a big company ubisuck never achieve the level of control that uncharted and tomb raider have in there platforming.

Ho look a wall, i am running wait why is he not climbing it.....? i look i just jump on a wall and jump again on the other side, look i am suppose to climb a tree but i am just sitting there looking at it, getting detected.

Ubisoft should go bankrupt and close for disrespecting the good people who pay good money for there stupid broken game.