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    Why I won't be buying any games from Ubisoft

    Because of this problem: https://forums.ubisoft.com/showthrea...RU-CIS-version

    I was buying Ubisoft games on Steam, but their every game had only Russian language available - language that I don't speak and understand. I guess they are giving us games only in Russian because the country I live (Georgia) is ex CIS member. But what they fail to understand that we don't speak Russian and we have zero common with Russian language. Why not giving us games in English? I think we're living in 21th century where every normally educated person speaks at least basic English. Whoever made this stupid decision to lock language in Ubisoft games depending on region needs to be fired. Because of this I won't be buying any games from you Ubisoft, until you fix this problem and no, I'm not going to buy it from your store with double and triple price, thx, but I prefer Steam.
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    Hello Ditendra, how are you?

    In the thread you linked in your post, at post # 14 UbiEpi explains that there are 2 versions of the game, one "worldwide" with multiple language localisations, and one in Russian. He further goes on to explain how you can get this resolved through our Support Team if you have purchased the wrong one for your needs.

    This being the case, I fail to see the problem, Help and an official solution was offered by a Ubisoft representative. Did you follow up and try UbiEpi's suggestion? If not that would be the way to get this solved.

    Otherwise, please explain in more detail what exactly the issue is here as the one you detail here has an official solution offered in the thread you linked.
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