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    Sh3 and Lsh Mod,can not found the Exe

    Hello Evreyone,

    my original Dvd is broken and i have buyed the Game new from the Ubi Soft Store. So i played it since Release with Mods.. First Gwx but i want to stream over Twitch but in the GXW Version are still Symbols who are not alllowed in Germany..SS Runes and Hakenkreuze. Now i want to install the LSH Mod 2015 but it doesn`t work. LSH didn`t found the SH3.exe..
    Look at the Pic.. What can i do to run LSH2015? Somebody an Idea?



    Edit: Sorry for my bad english.. Picture is in German
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    Try running SFSF and select the STARFORCE-FIX. No joke. I did it, then installed LSH and it works since then!
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