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    Splinter Cell 2020

    Hi, has there been any info on a new Splinter Cell game? I was hoping to hear something at E3 last year.
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    I just had a good idea. I was thinking this year the ubisoft team should work on a new splinter cell project. As like Final fantasy 15, your team should remake double agent, it had the most sales mainly in my opinion because of spy vs. mercs. The best stealth multiplayer I've ever played. It really tested your skills. Also the graphics would just set the whole game off. Please ubisoft think about it. What could possibly go wrong.
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    I had another great idea too! (Just In case someone at Ubisoft reads me! Take note to the developers or creative team! )
    I play all types of games and genres and Splinter cell is Favorite game of all time! It would be cool to see the next game be something really unique in the franchise and in the gaming industry! I have played Quantum Break and I saw the Jack Ryan series on Amazon ( Check it out of you haven’t, it’s really badass).

    So the main idea or concept would be to create something that can blend two worlds, Gaming Experience and Film/Series.

    Quantum Break did an awesome experience but learning from that we can take the pros and cons!

    First let’s do an awesome campaign and have a story Splinter Cell style!

    Then multiplayer and you guessed it! Co-op and side missions/stories.

    What if in this Co-op or solo Missions/ We could blend in a 30m Episode before each one and have it like seasonal content! I remember Halo 4 did this in their Spartan Ops campaign and now that I remember they also had this movie called Forward Unto Dawn! Each episode would be self contained and the playable mission would be centered around the villain/operation of the week featured in the episode and be an expansion of it, you would play as other Splinter Cell agents or maybe Sam Fisher depending on the narrative and the episodes would feature a Live Action Sam Fisher doing the dirty job and all the other support characters ( Specially Anna and his daughter). There’s could be seasons and have 1-3 episodes per season and a bunch of missions centered around this episodes giving context to the things happening in the story, you know, spionage, counter terrorism stuff, etc.

    Episodes could be featured in streaming services and the narrative and story shouldn’t have to depend on the gamer playing the missions or forcing the player to play! That would be super awesome! A truly multi media entertainment product! Without forcing anyone to experiment the story in a set way. Watch the episodes or watch the episodes and play the game or just play the game!
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    Splinter cell

    It's been long overdue...
    Too many are asking...
    Too many are now demanding that Ubisoft quit ignoring its customers(BREAD & BUTTER) & release a new Splinter Cell game.
    I personally will not purchase another Ubisoft game until I see some positive feedback from Ubisoft..
    All I have read so far is that Ubisoft has taken the attitude that they could care less about Splinter Cell & what their customers want...
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    What an old thread... I'm still against a remastered version, learn from others mistakes. Just keep it authentic to thee original version like those creators that made Doom did, that game looks like so much fun. Definitely turn a person into a couch potatoe material. Heres the storyline, Warden from r6 goes to Russia , he sneaks in to gain Intel on china because they have Intel on Britian. We need Britans Intel to find out what Germany knows, only to find out nobody knows anything.
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    The way breakpoint played out i prefer they take their time and ensure the game is polished to micro-level detail with exactly what we expecting storyline/visually and mechanically..

    I agree that next SC needs to happen and not sure why they are releasing so many IP's that sold so bad! Yet they do not want to give us another SC...come on we dying here!
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    Yeah, we need another Sam Fisher. Not some old guy they keep aging and putting into jeans and tank tops with grease stains. Go back to Xbox standards not some weird arcade game converted into a counsel version like what happened when playstation got involved. Seeing those games makes me wonder how many quarters I need. Hit indicators, threat indicators, gaydars. You gave Sam a gaydar!!.. Never knew special ops walk around staring at gaydars all day. Telling them where everybody is. Only thing I want, is a name of who I got to assassinate, or interrogate. All while enjoying an impressive maze like building too silently navigate through.
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    Hey guys,

    We appreciate your passion for Splinter Cell.

    At the moment, we have made no official announcements around upcoming titles in the Splinter Cell series
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    It's a bummer hearing the news about this supposed VR Splinter Cell in the works. As a long time SC fan, I have no interest in playing a VR FPS Splinter Cell game. Splinter Cell has always been a TPS game and that should not change. This franchise really needs to be rescued from what it has become.
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    I'd be more than happy to shell out $70 just for a remastered classic spies vs mercs with all the maps from Pandora and Chaos Theory. Blacklist spies vs mercs is kinda fun, but i cant find anyone online...Makes me think that if Ubi did remaster and supported online multiplayer spies vs mercs, would anyone be online playing it???
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