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    Possible hacked account? (long read)

    Hello and thanks for reading this. Quick note, I am already being assisted by Ubi support, but was wondering if anyone on here has ever experienced a similar situation. yesterday I went to log in to uplay with the same email and password I have used for a long time to no avail. I then tried to access my uplay account through the ubisoft website to no avail. I had to create a new account in order to get to live support, got it sorted out with a new password and moved it to my newer email address. still could not access my games. So I went on to create a new ticket only to find that someone had created a ticket on January 11th 2020 that inquired about not being able to access google authentication to access the account. Said person went on to have a full conversation with a Ubi rep. I brought this up with the agent that answered my ticket, but he said there has been no suspicious activity(i.e. logins from another country etc.) that he could see. Currently, I can now log into uplay, but my games are all stuck under the "installed" tab. they are normally under my games and accessible. If anyone here has any idea how to remedy this problem, it would be VERY appreciated!
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    Thanks for contacting us! Please reference case 10526264 for details. Should you have additional concerns, please update the ticket with more information so that a specialist can assist further. Apologies for the inconvenience.
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