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    Rank elitist

    Since a few seasons, back that rank mmr has come into play so, prevent boosting and carries from higher ranks. Yet this made a divide for players that want to play with there friends that they could have before. But now it become a game of what one mmr oh it to low or to high to play with them. Making them feel that there skill as a team player get stunned.

    As I felt that this game used to be about skill and fun. Now has turned into a class system where toxicity has moved from the game to voice chats out side of the game. Granted that not with in you're remit or realm, but I feel that there needs to be looked as it effect's players mentality both inside and out side of the game something has happened to the likes of League of legends.

    I feel that skill and contamination need to be a parameter when it comes to rank placement matches. As other factors as well wins and losses as I feel that the lucky are getting away by boosting them self from the start of the season then playing the game in the correct way this may seem like rambling yet I feel that more need to look at when it comes to the game.
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    Hey Dr_Who_Ace! Thanks for sharing your feedback on the current state of the ranking system. As of now the way your rank is calculated is based on your ability to win, combined with a few different factors such as your previous MMR and placement matches. How would you suggest incorporating other factors into the ranking system in order to improve it?
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